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Parish Mission Statement - January 12, 2006

We, the Parish Community of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, are a family of many cultural backgrounds.  Our mission is to enrich the spiritual life of all parishioners, through the active participation in prayer and the sacraments, promoting opportunities to grow in faith and hope, and providing a place to come together in the love of God and neighbor.  We are committed to the needs of our parishioners and to reach beyond to serve the needs of others.  We are called by the Spirit to witness the forgiving, healing and saving presence of Jesus as one Church and one people.

The Holy Spirit Catholic Church of Fountain Valley is a generous and dedicated community of faith.  We celebrate the sacraments with enthusiasm and commitment. We share willingly our gifts of time, talent, and financial resources to enable many ministries that make the Body of Christ a visible and effective presence in our world.

We strive to live our Catholic faith enlivened & guided by the Holy Spirit & bring the fruits of the Holy Spirit to others.

Established in June of 1972 by Cardinal Timothy Manning, who was then the Archbishop of Los Angeles, our parish was given the beautiful name of "Holy Spirit".  Our Sunday Masses were celebrated at Fountain Valley High School cafeteria for almost two years until the completion of the first part of our multi-purpose building in 1974, consisting of six classrooms and two offices.  The large hall was added in 1976, and became the center of our Eucharistic celebrations until our church building was dedicated on December 6, 1987.

Today, our parish community has grown from a few hundred members to more than 3300 families, and we continue to grow.  We are a multicultural parish incorporating people of many heritages typical of this area of Orange County.  We are committed to building up the Body of Christ as part of the Church of the Dioceses of Orange, and as part of the larger Roman Catholic Church.

Holy Spirit Church is blessed with three priests and one deacon serving our community.  Our Pastor is Fr. Martin Tran: Administrator.  Our associate pastors are Fr. Winnie "Wayne" Adajar and Fr. Raphael Xuan Nguyen. Our deacon is Deacon Phil Goodman.

May the Holy Spirit guide us as we continue on our journey together toward our heavenly home.

Who We Are

Fr. Martin Tran lived under the communist regime in South Vietnam.  He made 19 attempts to escape the country, was imprisoned, and suffered a bullet wound in a escape attempt from prison.  He holds a BA in Philosophy, a MA in Theology, and a doctorate in Biblical Studies.  Father Martin speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese and a little German  He has scholarly knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Syriac and Latin.

Fr. Winnie "Wayne" Adajar is from the Philippines. He was born on July 24, 1971 in the province of Batangas. He graduated philosophy in 1992 at St. Francis de Sales Major Seminary in Lipa City, Philippines; entered San Jose Seminary in Quezon City in 1993-1998; got his bachelor's degree in Sacred Theology at the Loyola School of Theology in Quezon City; earned his Master's Degree in Theology at the Atenco de Manila University in Quezon City. He was ordained a priest on June 22, 1998; served as a professor at St. Francis de Sales Major Seminary for 8 years. He loves basketball and scuba-diving.

Deacon Phil Goodman was ordained a deacon in April 2005, and joyfully serves the Holy Spirit Catholic community in Fountain Valley. He retired from the aerospace industry with 37 years of service to take over as Director of the Catholic Detention Ministry. He and his staff of five oversee the training and activities of over 300 volunteers serving the spiritual needs of Catholic inmates in juvenile facilities and adult jails throughout Orange County. Phil was a founding member of Holy Spirit's Vocation Awareness Program. He has also been active in the Stephen Ministry, has been an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a lector. Phil participates in the Kairos prison ministry and the Deanery 5 Peace and Justice group. He and his wife Pat have organized groups of young people to serve meals at the Catholic Worker hospitality house in Santa Ana. They are active in many social justice causes throughout Orange County.

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